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The coming revolution

October 29th, 2014 · No Comments

Still another prophetic take on ‘revolution’, and the more convincing since the starting point is the ‘change from below’ perspective.
I think that the promotion of ‘new communism’ here is thus a useful way to try and rescue the term and its concepts from oblivion as the only realistic platform for revolution given since the early nineteenth century. We will be offered all sorts of compromises short of what will do the job, and we can see that the New Deal was one such: it is being rolled back.
But we can’t propose a new communism without a detailed set of proposals given in advance: the drift into a ‘hack’ as we see in the Russian Revolution was a failure to plan a realistic economy of the postcapitalist type. And the misplaced power of the ‘one party’ bolshevist created a new form of the bourgeoisie.
But with all the problems the exercise of this kind of model, the communist, helps to focus thought. The capitalist elite is getting too powerful for any lesser initiatives to work. And we need a kind of faith in our increasing knowledge to be able to hope to the job right. It shouldn’t be all that hard to create the right model for postcapitalism.

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