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Israel, triumph of the grotesque: the end of line in the Gaza facts on the ground

October 30th, 2014 · No Comments


I was, not surprisingly, unable to finish the whole of Duke’s book, but the success of this book globally requires the effort to review the data here. Denouncing antisemitism doesn’t work anymore. In fact the whole question of Judaism in world history needs a factual history that can help people get their bearings on the question of Judaism, Jewish history. Many jewish scholars are doing just that: Invention of the Jewish People. But no book on the left has ever looked at the data and issues promoted by figures such as Duke.
How about it?
Jews in the US confront a stark choice: the candy-coated false success of continuing jewish domination, with all its easy glamor, or a bland transition to a new form of assimilated culture, as for example of Genjus, as recommended here many times. The first option is highly attractive but in the end worse that a Faustian pact.
Here it is: there is no future to jewish cultural spirituality. It can be a formation in civil society, but its projected future as a jewish spiritual culture won’t work. We must defend the civil society option, and there the problem will solve itself, if there is anything left at the end. But a huge number of people are now determined to defy the odds here, now mixed with a neo-con brand of Nietzschean supremacism based on a kind of genetic superiority: the superman option. Please, don’t be that stupid. But it is important to see how this hidden set of options, here garbled or not, are in effect in the minds of many, and especially destructive in the minds of some of the most stupid people on the planet: chauvinist Israelis battling in the name of god for pieces bit by bit of Palestine. That level of stupidity is the endgame of jewish history.
The problem here is that things that aren’t supposed to happen, sometimes do: the Aryanization of Indic religion created the system of caste. A curse from which it can barely hope to escape. We must forestall the tactics of jewish chauvinism hoping to create a new form of caste. The outcome, however, can’t succeed here. As in Israel everything turns into a walpurgisnacht.

But, beside that question, Americans must without delay free themselves form the jewish domination of their politics. If they can’t do that, then the path of revolution is the only option.

The issue has a built-in failsafe: there is no triumph in the triumph of evil: in the end things fall apart, and reset to zero.
We can see that in Israel: the situation is becoming so grotesque that no future exists. And that situation has spread to the US.

It would be nice if someone could transfer what’s left of a book like Duke’s after fact checking to a more balanced view of the issues. It won’t happen because the facts will be suppressed all over again.

This is not funny. At the end game of the jewish lobby, the american system has to renew itself via revolution. Best of luck.

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