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Getting past rightwing texts on the jewish question…how about a jewish expose of jewish supremacism…

November 2nd, 2014 · No Comments


The posts on jewish supremacism in relation to the book of David Duke, next to the Kazarian question from Texe Marrs, aren’t exactly my take on things: I am not in the habit of taking rightwingers at face value. I would feel better moving on, but it is significant to note in passing just how brainwashed gentiles are: the question of Israel and the jewish lobby have long since gone critical as the majority opinion on the liberal left, and much of the far left is too intimidated to comment. But getting into this morass is counterproductive to say the least.
In fact in my view the issue is not jewish supremacism but jewish fuckups to complete incompetence: looking at the case of Israel one has to stand back in wonder at one of the most total fuckups in world history, and a heavy blotch at his point on the reputation of jews.
It is hard to fathom the sheer idiocy of the case: Israel. It needs to be over soon. The world can’t let Israel question destroy the whole civilization of America. For sheer genius applied to bungling a nation state and creating hell for millions of people Israel is the nonpareil of demonic masterpieces.

I think the reason for this is the historical obsolescence of the jewish idea. Most secular jews know this, even if they have remaining attachments to the past. But I think the problem has come to a head and the solution for an increasing number of jews is to simply abandon the jewish line. Once you see that the jewish question isn’t about a race of superman Einsteins but of a set of fuckups destined to damage everything they touch the phase of assimilation will accelerate.

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