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Hegelian dialectic doesn’t work as an historical dynamic

November 3rd, 2014 · No Comments

I think that the Hegelian dialectic as the source of so much marxist confusion needs to be seen in perspective: it is taken as a form of historicist explanation for the dynamics of history. But no clear demonstration has ever been given for that. History doesn’t follow a dialectical progression. The whole idea is nonsense.

I think that Chapter 2 of Last and First Men makes clear what a better candidate for that dynamic is.

But we need to get beyond theories of history. The model proposed in LFM can be taken simply as a rough outline. That’s all we need. Proving that history shows economic determination is probably impossible to demonstrate, and probably false and misleading.

The model of history in LFM shows a suspected dynamic completely different from the dialectic. So let’s move on and skip the dialectic bullshit for profit peddled by Verso and Zizek. Zizek has confused a whole cult of disciples. we need something concrete and practical with the relevant critiques of economic ideology. Zizek is a dilletante with no real revolutionary energy.

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