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The communist idea belongs to humanity, not marxists // Zizek’s profitable recycling ad infinitum of dialectical gibberish

November 3rd, 2014 · No Comments


The question of dialectic is going to be the deathknell of marxism. How did it happen? In the wake of the Hegelian school the onset of scientism created a demand by Marx/Engels for a rigorous form of historical analysis. Now a century or more latter the whole subject is littered with Hegelian refuse even worse than the original, with the corpus of Zizek taking the subject into a morass of dubious reasoning.
We need a postmarxism that frees communism from the dementia of marxists, and the final degeneration of Hegelian marxism in the last generation of Zizek/French philosophy.

The idea of communism belongs to humanity not marxists: their theological grip on a frozen dogma has crippled the left.
In a coupd de grace Zizek has flooded the field with a nearly endless series of texts recycling dialectical gibberish in a form under suspicion of being a means to profit commercially from the egregious expansion of his list. It is hard to see how this kind of material can do anything but produce terminal confusion.

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