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Israel: descent into idiocy // time for some signs of life in the american dot.gov lickspittles on the ‘israel question’

November 4th, 2014 · No Comments

I will just repeat a previous sentiment: the Gaza war in its latest phase crossed a point of no return on that gnarl of thought, the ‘jewish question’. The Gaza situation is causing people to refocus in a double take because they knee-jerk support suddenly confronts a new reality.
The question of Israel is almost hopeless. How did such an intelligent and maligned people produce such a total fuckup?
We can leave it at that: in the suspense of sudden collision with reality, the future that must be but can’t be will have to resolve itself sometime soon. Americans have a choice: exiting world history as the biggest dupes in a millennia, or some compassionate effort to deal with the calamity of Israel at the point where its ‘sanity’ is almost a psychosis.

The Gaza calamity draws one to examine things at closer range: movies, for example. They paint a dismal picture of a people dumbing themselves down to an ugly mentality to carry out the various occupations: Behlehem, Ajami, and many other depressing portraits of unhappy people nosediving into increase stupidity, the dumbed down ‘formerly intelligent’ look on faces condemned to a colonial apartheid enforcement. I don’t think it can continue much longer.

We need to consider the whole thing was a mistake, and to bleed more and more jews away from the state of Isreal and then revolutionize the state formation as a plain vanilla state of equals.
Next to that aggressive action against the American government’s complicity must be confronted, along with the fascism of the Jewish lobby, with grounds for revolution, nothing less.

First steps: all the cowards and lickspittles in the American government have to be confronted with their cowardice. The clout of the Jewish Lobby is passing, going, going…

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