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America’s phony democracy: the global illusion of an obsolete fiction

November 5th, 2014 · No Comments

The drift of the american electoral outcome to the right is a good moment to consider that american is an illusion and a front for global exploitation by those who have no representation in that system. The US exploits the resources of billions, but these have no say in any of the issues central to their place in the global economy.

The loss of the democrats could be a moment to reflect on the way a vast number of liberals are effective ideological prisoners of this fake and now obsolete system. Time to consider a neo-communist path to real democracy at the global level.

Could the American system be reformed? Obviously it could: making elections fair and money free could transform the whole situation overnight. But we can see that that will never happen. The key tipping is here: the shortest path to a social democratic reform is a neo-communist revolution.

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