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Booknotes: Stalin

November 6th, 2014 · No Comments

Stalin, etc…
A neo-communist movement can surely produce a failsafe against the operation of figures like Stalin. Even if a new communism was semi-authoritarian in a transition period it ought to be a no-brainer to produce a system that won’t be ripped off by a Stalin figure. The problem in the case of the Bolsheviks should be declared ‘idiosyncratic’ and the whole game replaced with a way to both protect and restrain absolute power. Without that the future of a neo-communism can never generate the trust needed for a second attempt, in the even that could actually come about.

The whole left is stuck in premonitions of a neo-stalinist outcome to anything resembling a ‘communist’ legacy: the point must be clear, clearly stated, and clearly guaranteed by prior declaration, that a neo-communism must not destroy human rights gains in the nullification of ‘capital rights’ of property. The wreckage of the whole of communism created by Stalin is still improperly analyzed.

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