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Red Fortyeightgroup: the non-negotiable return of industrial capital to the Commons: when does the countdown begin?

November 7th, 2014 · No Comments


The issue of the new communism is not about the economy, although it pertains directly to that. The crisis of 2008 brought out a strain of frustration leading to disillusion. But the economy gives the appearance of recovery and attention wanders. That’s not the point, although the crisis of capitalism proceeds apace, into a spiral of increasingly terminal crisis.

But the foundation for a neo-communism proceeds independently as a framework to challenge the reign of private property, a notably pseudo-category, when it comes to the large scale appropriation of the Commons by capitalist predators who have taken from the natural share of all men to their own private estates. The recall of that wealth must come sooner or later and will not respect bullshit from neo-liberal politicians, capitalists, and economists. The issue will grow over time, create its own new communism (the older communism/marxism is probably obsolete or to be dismantled after a few generous helpings from the classic Marx/Engels plate, it’s not as obsolete as it looks, but a kind creative destruction of the old marxism by the new communism seems right), stage an increasingly direct challenge to the system of globalization as it is now. This means that the ‘old communism’ of, say, China, is equally obsolete, and that a new global system will also leave behind/liquidate rogue communist elites, to deal with a global federal system, a UN 2.0 to mediate such a federation. This will require…what? As consciousness snaps out of capitalist hypnosis the means to achieve this, social, radical, military/guerilla, will emerge with a serious chance if it is ready and not subject to bolshevik boilerplate…etc… Failing that you can be a serf in the last stage of capitalist mania. If you can still breathe.

If this means putting the White House in moth balls while the transitional force (the succession to the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ 2.0) works out of the West Wing;
White House West Wing - 1st Floor with Cabinet Room highlighted

The left will have to be a lot better than the tired idiocy of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ (how about transitional/democratic/communist vanguard of the Universal Class), but the point is that a revolutionary formation (the Red Fortyeight Group is the symbol for that here) must carry the vacuum of government to a stable outcome that can mediate democracy and guardianship of psotcapitalist communism.

I don’t think that this is negotiable: the return of large scale property to the Commons is the only option against elite gangsterism of the capitalists who wish to create a new supertotalitarianism based on capitalist ideology.

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