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The fall of the Berlin Wall

November 9th, 2014 · No Comments

As we look back at the fall of the Berlin Wall we see the narrowness of current political logic in its complacency. The era of Gorbachev that I recall before many now born to the simplistic version was filled with warnings even from those who condemned bolshevism. I recall the then global figure and guru Rajneesh, a critic of socialism, challenge Gorbachev to the peril of his position: a half century of tremendous sacrifice to create something was to be thrown away as Gorbachev accepted counsel from people like Margaret Thatcher. The danger from the American vultures was great and their retaliation almost immediate, in one of the biggest economic swindles/sabotage of history. And the US could have cared less about democracy as ‘branded freedom’ invaded with capitalist vengeance. Since I have never lived in communist country I can’t quite say it, as many have: the dissolution created by Gorbachev (who started with the idea of reforms) was a tragic concession to capitalist hyenas licking their chops at Gorbachev’s naivete.
At this point a reformed communist system that might have been confronts the immense sacrifices of so many since 1917 in the world’s first exit experiment from capitalism.
At this point, in the final crisis of capitalism, that exit done twice will ask all those sacrifices all over again. in a factor of times/2 or more.

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