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The scale of ‘planned’ history given by nature…

November 9th, 2014 · No Comments

WHEE start: one of the fallacies generated by darwinism is the assumption that complex structures emerge at random. It is almost a silly idea, but it is part of the ideology of free markets.

Sit down and study the full scope of the ‘macro’ effect in world history: we see a ‘directed’ system based on ‘free agents’ (free agents are/are not equipped with free will: they are equipped with brains that affect the outcome of events otherwise determined by exterior factors) that can:

1. operate on the order of then thousand years, with system return/feedback every several millennia
2. operate globally and/or in tandem on single or multiple regions vis discete transitions (several centuries in length)
3. scan those regions for a balanced list of ‘computable’ parameters (?) from art, religion, politics, philosophy (soon science),etc…
4. compute those parameters for future realizations….
5. …to carried out by free agents able to actively respond to and/or react passively in executing the outcome
5. stage the realization of cultural art sequences over an interval of centuries..
6. generate the ‘willingness’ of free agents to will the creation of democracies…

The list goes on at length. So in the realm of planning greater nature can ‘plan’ the emergence framework for whole civilizations over very large time-scales, yet in the process able to process small scale details down to the poetic meters in the given art sequences…

So the idea of unplanned random emergence at the level of civilization is ill-founded. Some would consider this a design argument. Not as so stated (our language uses misleading verbs that evoke agents as subjects in a sentence). Be my guest: show the ‘designer’ here.

The larger issue is to distinguished ‘willed’ from ‘causal’ effects, given the work of Schopenhauer perhaps where ‘willed’ effects are a part of the larger scheme of nature.

But in general we see not just directional macroaction but macroaction carried out via the free agency of hominids inside the system…

The idea that ‘planning’ is subject to impossibility issues is not so simple.

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