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Sam Harris versus Michael Lerner

November 12th, 2014 · No Comments


Michael Lerner has an interesting couterpoint to Sam Harris but he suffers the equal and opposite problem of a Jewish polemicist trying to replace Christianity with a brand of that religion jews can tolerate. His failure is the same as that of Harris, ironically.Lerner is basically talking out of both sides of the mouth, and is a closet jewish chauvinist who wants leverage with an Xtian mindset. Waste of time.

Lerner is a smart fellow and could do the job right: create a form of Judasim/Xtianity appropriate to the times, convert to it, and renounce covenental judasim. That he won’t do and his gesture here will simply go down the tubes, and a lot sooner than Harris’: Harris is an out and out jewish chauvinist who denounced the violence of Islam, and defends Israeli war crimes in Gaza, while behind the scenes we have Israel/Mossad manipulating the American system to do its warfare in the rape of Iraq. Is Harris totally clueless.

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