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The leap into freedom meme: resolved in the models of ‘macro’ effect

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The text of Marxism and the Leap into Freedom is full of challenging takes on multiple aspects of classic marxism. These works were written in the wake of Main Currents of Marxism, one of the key texts undermining the marxist synthesis (both from Polish authors).
The best way forward is to explore these critics and then proceed to a post-marxism or a marxism 2.0 on a revised foundation, or a new one altogether.
The question of the ‘leap into freedom’ is solved en passant without batting an eyelash by Last and First Men: the question of the ‘end of history’ is problem for both marxists and their critics.
The ‘macro’ model tries to decipher the possible meaning of this tern…One interpretation is the ‘directionality of history’ and the directionality (teleology) of history.
Last and First Men used the model given in WHEE (history-and-evolution.com) where a specific example given of ‘a’ (not ‘the’) ‘leap into freedom: the various versions of the ‘discrete freedom sequence’ which refers to the way that democracy emergence is correlated with the larger ‘macro’ effect. Almost impossible to believe at first, the clear evidence of this effect leads us to suspect a deeper relationship of the ‘freedom’/’determination’ dyad (if we pair causality and freedom we need to replace causality with a more general ‘determination’) and this is suddenly shown to be the case: the various versions of the ‘model’ posit a dyad of ‘system action’ and ‘free action’: history is a complex system where a macro determination and a micro ‘free agency’ combine in different modes to produce history. We have a case that ‘man makes himself’, but within a larger field of constraints and directional conditions.

The overall resolution lies in the way ‘evolving man’ passes through a macro series and then becomes free to act on his own and make his own history.

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