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Red Fortyeight Group: waiting for a new generation to bypass the hasbeen marxist left

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

I am sorry to be harsh to other leftists, but at this point the frustration with so-called leftists can be maddening. Having spent two years writing a book on the issue of communism, I had expected at least some public commentary or discussion. Nothing. Worse, people like Zizek targeted my work for ‘stealth assassination by celebrity noblesse oblige’. His Absolute Recoil is an attempt to preserve the monopoly of Hegelian mindstreaming held by the dialecticians of the Marx spawn. After a while it gets sickening to be unable to even exchange an email with cloud cuckoo marxists who live in their version of the Iron Cage. Time they were all swept away in a new movement.

In a way I am thus paradoxically happy there: contact with the hasbeen left would induce conformity and a loss of critical thinking in order to maintain position in the ‘club’. As a friend pointed out, finish your work and then worry about public recognition. I owe the old left nothing save the grateful appropriation of its core legacy.
That seems right: and this leads to the realization that the leftists of the future need to start over with a new set of principles. Despite the great interest of philosophy, the practical tasks of a revolutionary movement are specific: starting with a new set of study guides on the complexities of modern economics and its delusive hold on the minds of capitalists. Hegelian dialectic isn’t going to help here. The study of mathematics needed for that can’t be mastered by those who are greased out with dialectic.
The OWS was one of the first movements to try and break out of the old marxist straightjacket, but they missed the point that while the old marxism is obsolete a new praxis must still attempt to learn or recast that powerful legacy. The right combination for the future is not so simple. It can’t be the current mishmash of bad science, bad Hegel, and obsolete theories of economy.

A practical movement needs to get out of the Marx mindset: Marx was wrong on a lot of questions, and his reductionist scientism turned marxism into poison. The issue of ethics is turned into some kind of heresy unworthy of the psychopaths summoned to politics by the method.
The near future needs to see something more than the anarchist vein peddled by Chomsky, et al. It is a copout in face of the overwhelming power of the state.

I think that Last and First Men //https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/LastandFirstMen_2014_hires_21mb.pdf // experiments in the search for a new mix that can help people without inflicting subjects that fill their minds with out of date nonsense.
This book tries another approach: short text with pictures, multiple study projects, a focus on dealing with marginalist economics, setting aside historical materialism for a more robust look at history, a debriefing of darwinism, etc… The result can be absorbed in a short read, and leaves one ready to move on to a new and simpler take on the issues. Most marxists are so confused they can’t think straight.

We cited the Polish school critique of Marx, Marxism and the Leap into Freedom, to suggest that most people trained in marxism and dialectic couldn’t even read such a critique (by Polish persons who had to live through Stalinism, and learned how to demolish Marx). But even a slight recasting of the legacy can answer to such attempts at demolition. In any case, times are changing and the moment of truth is coming for the older legacy: the older marxists are going to end heartbroken if they cripple the dwindling potential for a future revolutionary movement.

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