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A race of Klingons?

November 15th, 2014 · No Comments


The basic evolutionary manifesto format for this book is a challenge to the left to ditch darwinism forthwith and find some reality-theory more cogent than historical materialism. Better yet, skip the weltanshaung quest and stick to a set of specifics for a useful praxis that deals with the sociology and economics of a postcapitalist system. Homo sapiens has a tough road ahead, and, given the sheer prolonged idiocy of Big Science on the subject of evolution, the prospect created of a ‘new man’ is likely to abort many times before the issues are done right. But the context alone is a reminder, realized or not, of the deficit of reality against the future of hope and the hopes for the future.
The crucial point here is to at least forestall the next stage of darwinian idiocy set to make Ayn Rand the new gospel of the evolution of supermen, some really grotesque parodies, that is. The damage done to the hominid frame of men via the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, and the rise of higher civilization are still a study for the future. But the path to the ‘new species’ of Klingons, forget those guys flying the Enterprise, is well underway, under leering demonic grin in the pics of the prophet Rand.

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