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The threads on dialectic

November 15th, 2014 · No Comments

I don’t like attacking marxists on the issue of the dialectic. But the creation of a future communism has to leave this legacy behind, or put it to one side as an historical given, but open to critique. Marxists have had to suffer a peculiar fate: trying to live up to science, but under the shadow of scientism, and trying to reconcile that with a mystical trojan horse, Hegel’s dialectic, supposedly disguised as a materialist brand.
This mess of pottage is Marx’s fault, ultimately (Engels is the one who produced the ‘dialectics’ of nature) and his intellectual development needs a careful examination. That has already been done, whether or not leftist groups are able to really assess in the open the reality of a faulty legacy.
There are several issues that need to be faced: dialectics is a failure and causes confusion, darwinism is a failed theory and a social darwinist propaganda tool, the 9/11 conspiracy has been completely muddled by the left, making it suspect of conscious/unconscious complicity in ideological deception. Those are the three monsters keeping the left a field of stupidity. There is therefore a necessity of moving on without rejecting the canon of communism which isn’t the private domain of marxists. The OWS period shows what happens given the failure to deal with the need for a new formulation: the movement came and went unable to bridge the gap from its own idiocy on the issues marxists actually got right.


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