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The Axial Age and the parallelism of manifestation

November 18th, 2014 · No Comments


The question of Israel can’t be resolved by reference to the Bible, which, in any case, says nothing about a future Israel. The biblical texts that create the convenental fixation are over Israel have to constitute complete rubbish to modern jews, surely.
The context of the Axial Age shows the way the issue is part of a larger historical dynamic which is far larger that the provincial jewish folklore history now taken to be the means of geopolitics. The parallel synchrony of Greece/Rome, Israel/Persia’, India and China in the Axial period is a sobering reminder that the origins of monotheism have no particular universality, and certainly don’t entitle the jews to the extravagent recreation of an ancient state. Let’s face, this issue will never have a solution in the current state of false assumptions.
Meanwhile, do buddhists have rights to any part of the state of India given the history?

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