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American is going into critical failure mode over complicity in Israeli fascism and ethnic cleansing

November 19th, 2014 · No Comments

The question of Israel is a puzzle, one that remains unsolved. But we are out of time to solve it. We need to act with some kind of intelligence to prevent the endgame of jewish supremacism turned rancid in the gangster tactics of current Israel.
There is an irony here: Americans are the inheritors of a nation achieved with the genocide of Indians: they tend to turn a stupid look when challenged on the point, and now find their perverse karma coming home to roost in their support for the criminal landgrab going on continuously in the Palestine zones.
Americans must have thought they would get away with their Indian genocide: ironically the Israeli par is exposing the coming failure of two civilizations, american and jewish. Americans could easily come to their senses and deal with this situation, but the frozen mindsets make the Israeli ganster game all too easy.

The core issue of religion must be addressed: the Old Testament is a tissue of fictions, and nothing in that document supports the landgrab going on. It is important for Christians to see that the biblical texts refer only to the eras in question, and have absolutely no application to modern times.

In any case, the point has arrived where the cowardice of american politicians brings the question of governmental validity into stark relief: this government in league with Jewish lobby gangsters is losing it legitimacy. Period.
Meanwhile the stance of all too many american jews is atrocious exploitation of their own friends, and it is time that something an intelligent fuck-you is set against such false friends. And we need a future of assimilated jews in the US. Half of the problem is the fear of being thought antisemitic that freezes all thinking. The alternative is already arriving and is out of control.
Only the realization that the ‘jewish idea’ is dead will force those complicit in massive crime against humanity to come to their senses.

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