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Munzerian commies, of the capitalist underground, unite…. (with or without rosicrucian hand signals or Hollywood special effects)

November 20th, 2014 · No Comments


This rumination was really a prelude to a further discussion of the idea for a ‘virtual church’: a radical communist Christianity: a church of the prophet Munzer. This could be a viable and explosive potential on the left, for the same reason the Christian brand overtook the Roman Empire, but the format of the Munzerian version would have to be something completely new and different, with a way found to both recast the classic legacy but also to seed modernist skepticism into the mix. The contradiction would not be hard to resolve but the committed Christian would probably be unable to deal with the result. In any case, the context of communism is the same, ironically, with the religion turned upside down to propose a materialist perspective. That seemed like a no-brainer in the early nineteenth century, but now the religion manque of materialism seems crude stuff. A further irony is that spiritual reactionaries (consider the work of the figure Ouspensky) played a trick on materialists by ‘rolling with the punches’, out-materialist-posturing the originals with a brand of the ‘classical Samkhya’, a classic indeed of the spiritual legacy rendered in material terms.
In any case religionists might not see that the modern left wished only to demesmerize religion, and further to complete the revolution of the Christians so soon again subjects of empire in the coming of theocracy.
The issue is not Christianity as such, but the way a movement with a spiritual message can catacomb against a larger society in the apparent hopelessness of revolution. I don’t think any kind of imitation of Christianity will be directly relevant or possible, not my meaning, but the reality is that the core of the Christian phenomenon works fine in a secular rendering, and, given the fact that communism was first proposed in the early modern by a Christian, could actually play itself out as the secular comeuppance of the flawed spiritual version. It would require someone with tremendous breadth and insight to bring that off, without bungling the job, but the fact of the matter is that the New Testament tale is, ironically, of interest because it is a portrait in great realism of the drama of what I would call a form of ‘sufism’. I think that the lameness of the current materialists on the left is nonetheless the closer match to the right key for the ‘great saga’. One that could lead to the creation of a seed movement leading beyond capitalism, and in the process creating a new continuation (or discontinuation) of the Axial legacy, now sliding into the past. We should note the way the Christians completely bungled the job, the New Testament, let’s face, is at critical stage for evidentiary documentation, turning a great gift of time into Hollywood fodder. But, you know, it didn’t matter: they got away with it completely in all innocence without realizing their ‘doctrine of the schlemiels’ was a curious tour de force. The tale of Obi Wan Kenobi gives another hint to the core of the original tale, btw…

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