History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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We can leave as an exercise finding the ‘last and first men’ ‘instant meme’ interpretation in terms of the legacy of Xtian historicism. As relevant to the current time-frame the discussion in LFM shows how the emergence of democracy/socialism/communism are in ‘Axial Age format’, modernist version, and with communism we see the same idling proto-religion (this time no religion at all, but…) in the sense of an ‘oikoumene integrator’ emerging in seed form from a transition. The excessive emphasis on materialist interpretation is almost an exact reversal of the over-spiritualized aura of emergent monotheism.

The counterpoint is resolved in the idea of evolution, if the latter can resolve the mystery of ‘design’ arguments. And in the end the mystery of human psychology, at its climax in the ‘phenomenon'(?) of ‘enlightenment’, requires a mystery left like the ‘thing on the doorstep’ (from Lovecraft) of a somewho in a state that is ‘beyond enlightenment’, a question mark indeed for homo sapiens darthvaderensis still lost in the ‘dark side of the force’.

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