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Dawkins frozen in limbo

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

There is something sad about the failure of Big Science on the subject of evolution. And it almost beyond belief to see how Dawkins lives in a kind of self-isolated limbo, repeating the same old fallacies year after year, unaware of what is going on outside of the bubble of fame and success given to a key propagandist.

For what it is worth, darwinian natural selection is not able to explain away design (the term itself a quagmire of vagueness), and the passage in Climbing Mt. Improbable has been refuted over and over again, decades ago, but Dawkins apparently is oblivious to the literature of his subject, or else is simply a brazen liar.
http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap2_2_2.htm: Random Evolution: Climbing Mt. Improbable
The strategy here on the part of the more general science community is outrageous, and they have frittered away the trust we place in science.
The issue of Climbing Mt.Improbable, and the computer program he still plugs, was exposed as erroneous a long time ago.
This is what happens when scientific accountability is thrown our the window.

The renowned evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins visited Stephens Auditorium Monday night, musing about the wonders of science and reading a passage from his new memoir, “An Appetite for Wonder.”

With the Iowa State University men’s basketball team playing next door at Hilton Coliseum, Dawkins still managed to attract more than 1,100 people to the discussion, most of them university-aged.

Dawkins was joined on stage by ISU Bioethics Program Director Clark Wolf, who guided a 50-minute discussion, focused largely on the scientist’s life experiences in his field, before Dawkins took questions from the audience.

“The beauty of biology, really, is the illusion of design,” Dawkins said.

He chose as an example the eye, recalling an essay from his 1996 book “Climbing Mount Improbable” that explored the organ’s complexities and explaining the “gradual ramp of improvement” of eyes of species evolving independently of one another.

Charles Darwin also pointed to the eye as evidence for evolution, although creationists often quote him out of context to suggest he found the concept impossibly “absurd,” Dawkins noted.

Wolf asked Dawkins about a controversial bill introduced in the Iowa Legislature in 2009 by state Rep. Rod Roberts, R-Carroll, that would have allowed for the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in public classrooms.

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