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Simple statistical fallacies of random evolution

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Many would freak out at the logo of the Discovery Institute, but the ‘design’ language aside, next to the controversy over the Cambrian, the basic statistical expose of ‘random evolution’ is clear. Hoyle pointed this stuff out long long ago.

Climbing Mt. Improbable
A clip from Darwin’s Dilemma
Richard Dawkins has famously elaborated on Darwin’s theory of natural selection, arguing that through a slow incremental process, evolution can explain the rise of new species. The new film, Darwin’s Dilemma shows where Dawkins goes wrong. Growing evidence suggests that the creation of novel genetic information requires intelligence, and thus the burst of genetic information during the Cambrian Explosion provides convincing evidence that animal life is the product of intelligent design rather than a blind undirected process like natural selection.

I personally adopt the view that if one uses the term ‘intelligence’ to deal with design, you must specify the nature of the designer behind the term. The problem is that the ID people mix biblical and mathematical sense of ‘intelligence’ and ‘designer’. But beyond that the basic point is pretty obvious.

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