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Hedges: how about a revolutionist stance on darwinism and social darwinist ideology?

November 24th, 2014 · No Comments

A good test of a ‘revolutionary’ initiative at this point is to see if groups have the insight and nerve to defy the imposed social darwinist ideology of darwinism. Clearly zero current groups are able to do this: a sign their analysis of social ideology is flawed. The problem goes back to the Second Internationale which set the pattern of darwinian materialism, despite the clear signs, visible to Marx, of ideology at work. Here the core revolutionary group fumbled the ball and got the evolution question wrong. We need a ‘postmarxist rewrite’ that can get the question straight.
This issue is a symptom of the flawed prospectus of most groups on the left.

The issue of darwinism impinges on the criminal: groups around Dawkins must surely know their theory has a problem but persist in a deception that will fuel their secularist atheism enterprise.
A real leftist groups should consider a class action law suit against a mendacious evolution paradigm behind social darwinism and general economic ideology. The failure to do proper science has wrecked the trust placed in science.


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