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Christian stupidity and the fraudulent Old Testament as abetters of Israeli land grap fascism

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments

http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap5_1.htm: The Axial Age

The Christian community is one the worst enablers of the Israeli apartheid system with its ethnocide and war crimes against the Palestinian community. It is time for Christians to confront or be confronted with the reality that nothing in the Biblical Old Testament grants jews any rights whatsoever over modern ‘Israel/Palestine’. If Christians can’t grasp this situation it is time to deprive them of the legacy of the Old Testament altogether.
Here we should note that the new atheists (and many others) have confused the issue: the issue is not atheism but the fictitious abuse of history in the Old Testament tissue of fabrications. The idea that jews are a cultural group with a distinct population character should claim the right to a territory after a gap of thousands of years could only have happened because the idiocy of Christians, and American ethocidal ‘Christians’ at that, in the fantasy of Biblical so-called ‘religion’ given the status of Disneyland. So in this context it is time to simply ‘confiscate’ this document used to justify a series of cultural crimes.
The issue of the Axial Age puts the Old Testament in context: there is a mystery there, but not the one fabricated in the Old Testament.

These Zionists could hardly believe in their own propaganda, and they must think Christians are stupid and easy to manipulate to serve the interests of these Nietzschean nihilist cynics.

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