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Crt Alt Del to reboot the communist idea

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments


The idea of commnunism, discredited by its totalitarian legacy, suddenly shifts gear in our minds as the ominous spectacle of totalitarianism creeping up on liberal systems suggests a second coming for a classic idea, as a question mark about the salvation of democracy, and a Bill of Rights finally done right, as Lockean property rights create a new peasantry for a burnt our planet. That requires a kind of Crt Alt Del to reboot the communist idea to its start in the lead-up to 1848. A recursion as ‘communism 2.0’ as a superset both informed by but sublated from its classic marxist wrapper can show how the potential of the idea has barely been explored. The world historical classic, Capital, was significantly an unfinished ‘work in progress’.

Despite the fundamental contribution of marxists to the communist idea we should in principle at least be ready to recast the idea with an independent set of legacies, protocols, and perspectives. There is a lot of ad hoc material in marxism that speaks to the era of positivism in which it come to fruition. A larger view shows that the larger Enlightenment, and its broad spectrum, would make a better framework. Beside that the whole question of classical economics via Adam Smith tends to deflect correct criticism of the current socio-economic situation with out-of-date issues and controversies. The context of historical materialism is completely discretionary: we don’t need to be virulent proponents of scientism to tackle capitalist domination. In fact a broader perspective just might reignite interest in the core propositions of postcapitalist theory and tactics.

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