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The Axial Age and the Biblical muddle

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments

The question of demiurgic powers invokes a potentially dangerous meme, with the power to become a runaway fiction of the month. And it invokes the context of J.G.Bennett’s classic but flawed The Dramatic Universe: I should be constructing my own version of the idea, but in any case this notion can be briefly helpful in snapping out of the often unproductive god/no-god muddle that never goes anywhere because you can’t define ‘god’ and therefore refute the idea which exists in a high state of semantic confusion and conceptual nebulosity.
The issue of demiurgic entities nonetheless persists because, just to take an example, the Old Testament shows a very peculiar design argument but not the one that believers in god propose. Let’s face it, the Old Testament is a hopeless muddle of clearly mythic components, if not outright deceptions, and the account fails as a religious foundational document. But, the strange reality is that the larger context of the ‘Axial Age’ shows the way something common to sacred, secular, atheist and theistic manifestations was at work in a common synchronicity. So there is a genuine miracle behind biblical history, as there is behind the Greek, Indic, and Chinese Axial age phases.
So the verdict is that the Old Testament misses the real ‘miracle’ or ‘macrohistorical effect, no miracle at all”, and substituted a bunch of fabrications, spoiling the whole effect.

Here we must suspect that some form of spiritual agency worked behind the scenes at a level of abstraction not understood by us, at our current level of intelligence. We have to fact the fact that compared with buddhism, for example, the level of religious discourse in the Old Testament is so ill-founded as to be close to atrocious.
This is of course why so many now can no longer stomach any of it and react with such angry rejection, witness the new atheists.

Part of the puzzle is resolved in the macro model of WHEE (history-and-evolution.com) where there is a clear distinction of overall ‘macro determination’ and the lower ‘micro level’ of human realization, which is primitive by comparison: this is why the whole subject is so confusing to many people.

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