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Modern israel, stillborn and cancerating

November 27th, 2014 · No Comments

The issue of Judaism has been subject to the curse of its own exemplars, and my harsh posts yesterday point to another developing instance. Creating a definitional foundation for the state of ‘Israel’ on the basis of jewish exclucivism is and always was a mistake, and its pernicious character is coming to fruition as a major calamity in world history.

You know what? Israel needs a revolution to be turned into a universalist state, maybe by Christians, much looked down on by the Chosen, but completely capable of solving a problem jews are apparently incapable of solving.
This calamity is going to throw the whole of jewish secularism into discredit and, worse, paranoid suspicion, matched with boycotts of jews in situation where their talents could of great value if they were put to the function of mindbashing gentiles into second class citizen status.
Americans need to grasp the overall horror of what the Zionists created, stooping to the sociological manipulation of a population to deliberately foment hatred and racism. What on earth animated the Zionists in this fashion?
The era of ‘Nabucco’, or Nebuchadnezzar, is a reminder that the monotheism emerging in the Axial period was intended to be (and was) a blend of Canaanite ‘mono-theism’ and Zoroastrianism. It is not clear to what degree the Exile was the real moment of the birth of monotheism, and the constant backdating of the history makes it hard to decipher the reality.
The tragedy of judaism was in its development into the false version of jewish exclusivism.
To be stuck with still another version of this jewish stupidity is almost beyond belief, especially in the wake of the Holocaust, now being used to scare gentiles into total compliance with a near fascist development.
The solution, which must come from the still demented americans who can’t control what they created, must be a complete revolution of the status quo, and the creation of a true universal state. It is not that hard, had not a gang of hideous neanderthals from Netanyahu and the rest stolen all the options for a sane multicultural state.
The jewish idea is dead, especially after the last sixty years of israel. Time to face that reality and stand up to a reality that is going to take america down with it.

The religious phase of a territorial israel was a transient on the way to a larger religious community. The archaic and now completely stupid creation of a chauvinist israel is almost beyond belief, and gestating in the background is just the same kind of monumental wrath that we saw in the Holocaust. Is there noone in the jewish community in israel who can do anything?
This situation is going to end up destroying Christianity as a remnant of very powerful jewish endgamers try to monopolize everything in sight, from buddhism to sufism to gosh knows what. Making universal religious categories subject to jewish obsessions for control is going to the last chapter in the rapidly approaching endgame, which will be quite anti-climactic, as the assimilation of jews into the larger global community.

Christians should realize that their religion, however threatened by secularism, is the one organization that can’t be imfiltrated by jews, although the manipulation of rightwing Christians is now a settled machiavellian art of jewish guile. They should play this card with compassion to create a Christian succession for the secular age, one that is not penetrated by the jewish occult vultures now appearing in the new age movement. Christians can be counted on, I am sure, to provide the best context here, in the sense of never succumbing to any kind of fascist operation.

If there is a third intifada they can also be a Christian complement that aggressively points to the contradictions of the judaic cul de sac in the passage to a new era beyond the Axial Age religions.

Plan B

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