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God, metaphysics and ‘de facto’ atheism

November 28th, 2014 · No Comments

The nature of secularism is being coopted by a shallow reductionist secularism that has overtaken not only the left but the field of the new atheists. The issue of religion in modern times is highly contentious, in part because of the narrow rigidity of religiousness but also that of those who propose a scientific basis to atheism. It seems like noone figure out what modernity really is, and the result is a set of cliches based on science, which is not able to answer to the metaphysical issues in question. Not that religion can do much better.

A vehicle of radicalized Xtianity could serve as a means to the redefinition of secularism, if it can free itself from the double bind of theism/atheism, from the mythology of the Old Testament and the obscurity of the larger phenomenon of the Axial Age. The issue raised by atheists is not really ‘god’, but the complete confusion over the meaning of ‘god’, a confusion that is not likely to go away. A form of religious reformation that acknowledged these complexities would be a viable path for those in the legacy of Xtianity who see the need to recast religion for a new era.

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