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The lack of scientific status for the dialectic

November 28th, 2014 · No Comments


Bashing Zizek is perhaps counterproductive but the left needs a set of shocks to its complacent lethargy as to its legacy, which won’t ship for a future left. I can acknowledge all sorts of good qualities to the Zizek oeuvre but one of them is not the ability to communicate to a scientific culture. Let’s face it: the dialectic has no foundational status either is Hegel or in Marx, and certainly not in science. In its original form it was a daring attempt by Hegel to examine the nature of logic in the context of many non-dual traditions, and the occult lore of the ‘triangle’. The tradition needs study on its own terms, but the actual application to modern thought has so far not been successful. It has since become a fetish of wrong thinking by the left. Zizek is eloquent, but in the end the status claimed for dialectical materialism is bogus science, and noone in the larger community of leftists is going to accept it. No, that’s wrong: in a context of misplaced solidarity wrong thinking gets its start, grows and amplifies and finally becomes a stable supported by solidarity, save by those on the outside for whom the message should be intended, who rightly don’t believe a word of it. In the current state of affairs the marxist is a confused person who can’t get out of his muddle because he must show a kind of solidarity to the garbled canon. I fear that French philosophy since Sartre, and that includes Zizek, has simply made the problem worse.

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