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The need for ‘a thousand impressions’ in a semi-visual ‘scholarly comic book’..

November 29th, 2014 · No Comments

I think the new communism should be a version of the communist initiative after the style of the Second Internationale but with a completely upgraded content that will appeal to a completely different audience, e.g. the OWS group and the like. It must decamp from Stalinism, free the subject from dialectical materialism, classical economic debates such as those of Marx, enter the era of marginalist ideology with a cogent way to study economics. In the context of the classic critiques of ideology and class, and the tone of the great Manifesto without inflicting Capital on a new generation, except as the saga of Marx, a new communism can earn the trust of a new generation.
The style of Last and First Men tries to invent a new form of ‘scholarly comic book’ whose method is a scattershot near overdose of ‘a thousand impressions’ given a focus toward a new form of study of a hypercomplex set of subjects.
The term ‘marxism’ needs to be dropped. The dogmas of historical materialism need to be given a looser perspective based on historical outlines that chronicle the economic structure of world history without the obsessive wish to eliminate all liberal/humanist perspectives in the name of economic reductionism. Some of the topics of LFM are: scifi literature and the ‘last and first men’, the 1848 period and its symbolism, the end of the hegelian generation and the rise of scientism/positivism, the confusions of evolutionary theory, darwinism and social darwinism, the full spectrum of classical german philosophy from Kant to Hegel/Schopenhauer (the symmetry of those two in the master ‘dialectic’ of the period), the onset of marginalist or neo-classical economics, and the rising literature of its critques,….the list isn’t even close to complete. This impressionistic approach with a set of semi-visual takes on a hypercomplex constellation of historical subjects is all the new communist needs, beside a new coherent vision of ‘democratic communism’ and postcapitalist economic/legal constructions.

PR fragment in my sent/mail box:

Last and First Men:
1848+: Capitalism, Communism, and the End of History
Website: http://last-and-first-men.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Last-first-capitalism-communism-history/dp/0984702938
Review copy selections: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/LFM_review_copy_selections.pdf
At a time global social crisis the legacy of communism deserves a re-examination freed from its Second Internationale and Bolshevik legacies. Capitalism and communism emerged together at the climax of the modern transition, the first as new form of economic development, the second as a commentary and exit strategy of what were seen from the start as the Faustian comprises veiled in capitalist ideology. The idea of communism was thus always the first and best candidate by definition for the ‘end of history’. In a period of global peril and the delusive actions of capitalist despoilers the idea for a New Communism emerges naturally as a way to explore the true meaning of the ‘end of history’.

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