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Steve Jobs, thanks for nothing: the failure of innovation in a period of stalled social innovation and regression

November 30th, 2014 · No Comments

CNN in the background while blogging:
The endless talk of innovation is very misleading. Although the factor of innovation is key to the hopes for a new and different future, the reality is that innovation in the hyped versions peddled by the economic hype machine miss completely the point that technological innovation has accompanied neoliberal retrograde social devolution.
All those geeky enthusiasts better hope there is no connection. In general the social fabric of capitalism is dying of total lack of social innovation, in a social fabric regressing from its earlier social advances into a completely neanderthal mentality of Ayn Rand.
In the middle of endless chatter over smartphones, which I frankly find a bit silly, we confront the totally stalled world of globalization living off near slave labor and the stulfification of the techno-crowd around the incessant overamping of fake innovation.
Watch these ‘innovators’ on CNN: they all look smart-stupid, that curious combination of focused intelligence in a narrow zone with a general kind of ape-look induced by general socialized stupidity.
Entrepreneurs are completely overhyped. Look at the social state of america. It is pathetic. After two centuries of intensive capitalism american is regressing on poverty, losing its democracy, getting bled to death by capitalist predators, getting overdosed by ugly and disgusting Hollywood movies that feed a sense of unreality and unconscious visual porno mentality (in non-porno movies). The Hollywood mentality (but I think the movie legacy is a secondary problem compared to the larger reality) will be america’s legacy. Since it is an upgrade from the world of the Roman games, I will expend energy on worse social issues, but the factor of hypnosis is symbolic.
America is doing nothing in a moment of crisis, and entrepreneurs aren’t getting anywhere with climate change.
The whole thing is a sick endgame. Let’s consider that endgame.
(I think we should distinguish fundamental innovation, e.g. the computer age from the endless overamped fake innovation cycle).
(Hollywood has done something along the lines of documenting global society. If you cruise the Netflix system you can find portraits of nearly every society on the planet, almost without exception).

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