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You want innovation? …reinventing anti-semitism….re-reinventing ‘anti-semitism’?

November 30th, 2014 · No Comments


The news from Israel is so nauseating that one has to wonder at the supine idiocy of american gentile complicity in this world historical calamaity. The goons of Israel form Netanyahu down are almost complacent in their calculation of american stupidity and the anti-anti-semitic mindfix that (blessedly) arose in the wake of the Holocaust. But this reality has led to a new form of cunning and deception in the manipulation of the gentiles jews too obviously consider stupid.

The american public is going to lose its place in history here. No good preening your yankee doodle american greatness theme. This nation has been shamed to its socks by the way it has allowed the basic fallacy of judaic exclusivism to overrun an entire state, destined from the first for the liberal category, but manipulated from the first for the most ignoble forms of ethnic bias, discrimination. In the process this has destroyed the integrity of Christianity as a religion.

Jews gain the upper hand here in the way they have reinvented anti-semitism to mean any criticism of their own racial discrimination, apartheid, and bogus polical constitutionalism. It is not anti-semitism to point out as millennia of Christians pointed out, that jewish proposition is a menace in disguise if given licence. Americans need to be the conscience of last resort here with a re-reinvented ‘anti-semitism’ that is nothing of the kind as a direct critique and expose of jewish/israeli self-definition. The old-fashioned awareness of Christians that the exclusive covenental superiority complex of arrogant jews that has cursed jewish history is a theological dead letter, first in the minds of gentiles, whatever the complete hopelessness of preaching to jewish idiocy here. The kind of terminal abortion of the whole case about to play out is a charge laid against the politically spineless politicos of dot.com Washington. We can’t let this happen. And if we do then the american system is a party to something that is the mirror image of the Holocaust is a crime against humanity.
So it is time to reach the courage to stand up to these Israeli fascists/

And it is time to discharge the aura of judaism as a junk leftover of the emergence of monotheism. The world doesn’t need a class-based jewish will-to-power bullshit spread over culture to induce second-class spiritual status in dumb gentiles. Nothing in history foretold such a derailment into stupidity on both sides. The time is here to turn a corner on the lost cause of Israel and the coming destruction of america in its wake. Jews are playing you for ‘stupid’. Don’t let them get away with it.

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