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Free agency and historical dynamism

December 3rd, 2014 · No Comments


The discovery of the relationship of causality and freedom in history springs from the way a ‘finite transition model’ goes on and off: there are thus two (or more) modes: free agency and free agency under a ‘system determination’ effect. The combination of free and directed history is confusing at first. There are many examples of this kind of situation: a writer and his genre are in a condition of constrained creativity: the writer is free to create but only within the context of the genre, etc…

I think that communists and neo-marxists should jump on this bandwagon forthwith. A new generation isn’t much interested in the deterministic dogmas of the nineteenth century. With the formulation from WHEE (history-and-evolution.com) you can proceed on principle, so to speak, and don’t have to worry about any complex calculations of historical determination laws (not that anyone else does either).
The relationship of system and free agency is in principle similar to, if much more complex than, the relationship of ‘stage’ and ‘play’. And this in a from of dramatic improvisation. This relationship of agency and constraint is one of the keys to the confusing relationship of historical directionality and the creativity of human agents.

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