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The humanities are struggling because science is endlessly expanding, and dumbing down thought. I suggested a week ago an approach based on world history as in Last and First Men, or its source, World History and the Eonic Effect.
The Humanities can rival science by making themselves indispensable. And they can make Humanities a pathway to a science of civilizations, whose study requires study of world history, evolution, philosophy of history, history of philosophy, economic history and economic theory, theories of history, mathematics of models, for a model of history, antinomial aspects of a science of history as a gate to Rousseau/Kant, and thence to the history of philosophy, the implications of the Axial Age: its implications for the history of art and science, and the evolution of religion….this list goes on for another ten pages and can scale from hard to easy. This combination includes the study of art, literature, philosophy, science history, the nature of creativity, the study of classic languages ‘lite’: ancient egyptian/sumerian, classical greek, sanskrit, (classical) chinese,…., …

This General Humanities would broaden student awareness of the history and the humanities overnight, and certainly over a year plus of college time.
This would rapidly show up scientists are narrow squinters.

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