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Mindfulness and its distortions

December 11th, 2014 · No Comments


We commented on this yesterday but didn’t get around to the science angle with mindfulness. In general I see no reason for not borrowing buddhist techniques, but the onset of distortion signals they haven’t borrowed anything.
For years I have watched the new age meditation zone being pilfered for techniques that, well, science gives a pat on the head for reducing stress, etc…The utilitarian angle in mindfulness is destroying the whole game.
Meditation can’t be used to fulfill desirable aims. The one exception that proves the rule is the aim to enlightenment. That aim will probably stall the result!

I see no reason for not using meditation for a range of issues, goals,states of consciousness. But the entry of mindfulness in the (capitalist?) bullshit circuit is depressing to watch. Tune out of group madness by changing the terminology and method just enough to evade the mass hypnosis here.

What is also distressing is the way science is set as the standard, only to find that science thinking has corrupted the whole practice. Science cannot resolve the question because it can’t get past the pleasure/pan utlitarian view of human psychology.

Another new age contribution goes down the drain pipe.

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