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Marxism and Xtianity

December 13th, 2014 · No Comments


This is a pretty strong post. I seem to be saying that if the left grafted marxism onto Xtianity they would get millions of converts. I doubt it, probably they would get a lot of leftists killed by chauvinist remnants of so-called Xtianity.
MY point is merely that the early modern produced a symmetry of Xtian reformation movements, and the proto-communist version of Munzer was violently suppressed. So the bottom line is that while Reformation Xtianity shows macro induction of some kind, the results were immediately altered to create the kind of Calvinist capitalism that has finally swamped the bible belt versions of a degenerated religion in the American south, and elsewhere.

In the discussion of religion in Last and First Men, in the Preface, I discuss the need for the left to ‘get religion’ in a hurry, no, wait, very slowly… One can also ‘press the Cancel button’ on the less than final results.

Yesterday’s post was like that: we may need to press Cancel and reformulate thinking. But the point here is that the left has all the makings of a secular replacement for religion but fumbles the ball with its hard materialism. Ancient yoga was materialist with it Samkhya foundations.
The result have been the tremendous comeback of religion as all the modernist trials get swamped in retrograde confusions.
The left can’t even discuss morality without getting into a Newtonian muddle.

Some form of buddhism and some form of Xtianity probably have a future that will parallel the future of science. But science now is confusing everyone, with it confusions of darwinism, neuroscience, and reductionist scientism. Marxism has followed this lead and produced a framework of historical materialism that was unable to produce a viable social ideology.

More on this later: we leave it there: Mix the mortar or Press Cancel :: Check out the Preface:

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