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Sam Harris and the path to fully moronic socially conditioned consciousness…talk of ‘enlightenment’ to be forbidden

December 16th, 2014 · No Comments

http://bigthink.com/videos/sam-harris-on-spirituality: Sam Harris: I’m Trying to Rehabilitate the Word “Spirituality”

The puzzle of Sam Harris is how someone very intelligent can be so brainwashed by scientism and neuroscience, in the process getting a lot of support to promote the really useless creation of a dumbed down social paradigm about religion. Society is terrified of the spiritual potential of man and the need for social de-hypnosis to achieve it. The Big Time promoters of the social moron now disguised behind science conversion seem to recruit the Sam Harris’ to confuse the issues. In the process they seem to plan to make discussions of ‘enlightenment’ taboo and replaced with the (lucrative) mindfulness hype. Let’s be fair: Xtianity has also worked to condition man short of his true potential, and there is no reference whatever to enlightenment in the Xtian canon.

Criticize religion all you wish, but the version given by science/scientism is worse. The term ‘spirituality’ causes convulsions but finally the admission comes that the term is needed.
Actually the term isn’t needed and we can speak after the manner of much buddhism in other terms. The best way to move here might be in terms of the Kantian distinctions of noumenon and phenomenon. We enter a realm where empiricism yields to metaphysics, and here much of the confusion over the spiritual arises, and criticism is quite inevitable, but it works both ways, and scientism wishes to erect a mental cage beyond which we are not allowed to proceed. Schopenhauer produced a whole new perspective on these questions, in the process revealing the real meaning of Upanishadic psychology and reinventing the discourse of consciousness without the need for any discussion of the ‘spiritual’. That was two centuries ago, during the closing phase of the enlightenment.

After that, in the name of science, we have been turned into science fundamentalists with prophets of stupidity like Harris.

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