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The algae bloom of youtube collapse scenarios…

December 18th, 2014 · No Comments


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=america+collapse Youtube has a huge list of ‘collapse/etc’ videos and it is interesting to consider the way that this is the object of still more libertarian/anarchist thinking as a solution. I think we should with not a little interest yet paranoia/caution consider the one thing these videographers secretely fear: some kind of socialism/communism, and some brand of tactics that can be semi-Gandhian but ultimately in the spectrum of strategies given in the legacy of modern revolution, i.e. revoutionary/military/guerilla, etc…
This kind of situation resembles the context of the first world war and the way this enabled the Bolshevik revolution. The Bolsheviks were ready for the crisis.
The way in which ‘democracy’ has been used to promote neoliberal domination in the name of freedom still hasn’t really entered the minds of those subject to decades of capitalist media domination.

The left needs to both disavow the bolshevik example and yet learn from it. It needs a neo-communist platform and analysis, a thorough critique of the example given by Bolshevism, but nonetheless with a coherent economic/revolutionary strategy that blends postcapitalist axioms with the means to a transitional regime (dictatorship lite) to a communist redefinition of democracy of some kind, with strong restraints on transnational corporate/fascist ‘economic freedom’, that phantom that has destroyed a planet via corporate fascism.
The history so far has been the vanguard of a revolutionary party creating a one party state with no legacy left of the rights revolution of the early modern.
The claim that communism as an idea came before the bourgeois revolutions to democracy produced the hybrid that has so confused democratic idealists, and which the early marxists rightly exposed only to drift into the total negation of liberalism that turned almost virulent in the Russian case.
The ‘collapse’ scenario then needs a vanguard at the ready, and at the ready with an intelligent economic model, a critique of rights logic with a core remnant to be carried over. The Leninists had the moment and were ready, but the rapid drift into unforeseen genmghis-khan political dna was both tragic and totally unnecessary.

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