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Frozen cult of dogmatic marxists

December 19th, 2014 · No Comments


Marxism is the science of the underlying laws which govern nature and society. It is only by studying these laws that we not only achieve the best understanding of society, but also discover the role and tasks of revolutionaries.

This is bullshit. But there is still life for communist reckoning after bullshit.

I have been critical all year of dogmatic marxism and this site is a clear example of the die-hard paradigm hardliners. At this point of social desperation we need a new postmarxist communist platform that doesn’t set itself up as a sitting duck. To speak of the science of the underlying laws with govern nature and society is a fundamentalist conception that noone outside the closed world of marxism will take seriously. If only marxists would loosen up a bit and recast the paradigm in a style that was less dogmatic, with a set of descriptive analyses and critiques of capitalism they could convince a new generation of the need to confront the crisis of capitalism.

I have learned the hard way that the marxist world is closed to outsiders: after spending two years writing a book on communism with no-brainer discussions of theory, ideology, and revolution I still find it impossible to even exchange an email with marxists who recoil in murderous hate even for those who don’t toe the line, exactly, to the letter. That form of marxism is dead, and we need to make it clear to the zombies here that it is dead.

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