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Redline and leftist confusion about human evolution

December 20th, 2014 · 1 Comment


The discussion of evolution in Last and First Men is no doubt being challenged indirectly in this ‘dialectical bullshit as usual’ discussion of human evolution at Redline. The article is mostly descriptive, so critique is difficult, but the left has consistently gotten evolution wrong, between conformity with darwinism with a sort of side of dialectics. Here all the old cliches have to be vetted, including mostly out of date junk from Engels. The year is 2014. C’mon.

We have criticized dialectics here in many posts, and Zizek’s dialectical materialism more specifically.
The question of human evolution remains unsolved and the left could profit from dropping its stale dogmas and taking up the argument of Last and First Men.

But in general the rigidity of the left is sad. This article refuses to mention the book it is no doubt trying to counter, my Last and First Men.

In general the left is so closed it can’t do anything but ignore all venues of discussion outside of their mindset. Drop dead is the main message to ‘outsiders’. I am not an outsider.

There are no simple answers to the question of human evolution. The reductionist approach of darwinism has failed and the left should be on the forefront of its expose.

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