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Some cautionary notes on the ‘witchcraft’ nonsense

December 21st, 2014 · No Comments

I should buffer this slick but ambiguous statement about witchcraft, which is not really the issue. The left/right boundary is not a reference to dems/repubs, and isn’t really correct here, although the reality is close enough, and worse: the left is more than a millennium behind, well, not the right, but de facto conservative/reactionary formations (like sufism). Sufism, I always suspect, has a hidden mafia of super dangerous and hidden ‘witchcraft’, nothing of the kind, but something along the lines of the ‘real lore of the will’ that dummies like Aleister Crowley prattled about with no real knowledge as far as I can see. Historical materialism should be dropped in this situation. It is a joke against serious critics of the right.
My knowledge is limited here: I bypass this world almost completely. It is the ONLY safe strategy.
At the same time the spread of so-called witchcraft is almost alarming (Google ‘coven’) and the left is in danger of being forced to accept this in the name of feminism while the tradition of Christianity with its refusal of pagan/wicca/witchcraft will get shafted. A not very intelligent future is being invoked here. I think the first way to deal with this is to caution women on the issue: witchcraft/casting spells is not a religious right, unless you agree to Crowley rules: the right to murder in retaliation. If you capture someone’s will, they may fight back. Let’s not go down that route again.

Meanwhile the knowledge of the occult by covert agencies is a situation about which citizens should demand a right to know. http://www.amazon.com/review/R3IGEB2OY511Y7/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm is a review of a book on Crowley and the world of the neocons/far right/covert agencies. My take there was that anyone trying to use Crowley was destined to get nowhere, but the hint that the rightwing was using Crowley techniques was a fairly mindboggling revelation. I suspect that the occult is already ingrained in the covert world, and that mindcontrol techniques we don’t know about are entrenched. I don’t know, but I doubt that the intelligence world can find out anything real here beyond the crude techniques of brainwashing. I could be wrong, and my description is perhaps meaningless: the hiding within hiding within ‘need to know’ barriers is so grotesquely large as to be able to include almost anything.

It is important to insist on the citizen right to know. The category ‘Classified’ is bullshit, and fascist to its core.

The problem here is that if an ancient religion like Islam has a subset with knowledge of mindcontrol modern ‘liberal’ open societies will claim an equal right, and the result will be a superdangerous mindcontrol technology in the hands of CIA psychopaths who will promptly make it top secret. After all, rogue sufis (like the jewish Mr. Gold) might sell/give away their sufi lore to such agencies. The charge is not mine (I think it is unfair to that person) but has been made several times by others. Mr. Gold never advanced beyond the level of fakir, so his knowledge is mostly worthless.
One safety here that leaves me skeptical is that the average covert agency type is simply too stupid to get to the bottom of such things. And even the ‘smart’ people they recruit with IQ tests are stupid. Thugs who manufacture ‘manchurian candidates’ could never penetrate the hidden sufi world. But saints can’t either.

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