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American civilization down the tubes, going going gone…

December 23rd, 2014 · No Comments


This article is a good summary of the sheer depravity of the American government. That may take many by surprise, given the legacy of idealism, even among radicals, with respect to the classic American historical production of a ‘first’ modern democracy. But the facts speak for themselves and the reality has to be faced that American systemic rape of Islamic cultures is turning into a world historical villainy. The American system is out of bounds here and ripe for correction via resistance, revolution, and/or political reform. The American system has drifted into the status of rogue nation and in the process has corrupted its public via the massive psychological conditioning on multiple issues like torture.
This rapid decay is puzzling. What caused it? I can only guess that the period of Truman (who was in the pocket of various mafias, it appears) who put through the Israel calamity (some say for a large bribe) and graced the era of the onset of the CIA is the key tipping point, although it is easy (check the works of Chomsky et al) to see the problem gestating in the nineteenth century. The strong case for covert intervention in the JKF assassination (still unacknowledged by most leftists), and much else up to the 9/11 conspiracy, a demonstrable one in the flood of evidence, again unacknowledged by the left, shows the rough timing of parallel events.

The treatment of Islamic nations is something insidious and malevolent and one must also suspect other types of covert influence: viz. the Israelis and the darkside Tibetan realm of fascism, graduating to the playout of its classic anathema of Islam. Tibet’s covert relationship to the CIA and recently the war on terror are reminders of the insidious hypocrisy of this buddhist piece of religious junk, long corrupted by all sorts of wrong influences.
But the main issue is the bedevilment of the American cultural/political system, with the obvious connection to capitalist manipulation of the system.
Israel’s manipulation of the US to fight its wars, viz. the mega rape of Iraq, says as little for the Israeli nightmare as the American subjection to Israeli fascism. But the principal blame must rest on the Americans. There is something in the emergence of covert agencies that downshifts political intelligence by many degrees and the onset of the psychopaths here is a spreading cancer in the whole system. A set of master ideologies, ‘Classified’ categories, ‘national security’, ‘national interests’, lately war on terror, become shibboleths that do the armtwisting on the remaining honest men paralyzed by the growing mechanics of ‘policy’.
Politicians, especially Republicans of late, seem oblivious to just how peculiar they sound and look. What on earth happened to this system. It is strictly Kaput, done for.

The treatment of Islamic cultures is almost nauseating in its corrupt unfairness. Even as people like Sam Harris preach secularism and the evils of Islam.

The legacy listed at Alternet is almost beyond belief.
So long America….

Here are eight reasons why America and its allies are responsible for Islamic extremism.

1) The US backs Saudi Arabia against pan-Arab socialism (1950s-1970s).

2) The CIA funds Iran’s clergy against Mossadegh (1951-1953).

3) Israel backs Hamas against nationalist Palestinian resistance (1970s-1980s).

4) America, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan back the Afghan mujahideen (1979-1989).

5) US foments sectarianism to destroy united Iraqi opposition (2003-2008).

6) US boosts Libya’s al Qaeda-affiliate against Gaddafi (2004-2011).

7) US’s regional allies back ISIS (2011-2014).

8) US’s eternal ally Saudi Arabia exports proxy terror and repression (1970s-2014).

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