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Revolution, political evolution and decline, and the rapid passing away of the american system…

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One of the problems of reform is the way the (marxist, communist, revolutionary) left has tended to adopt idealistic platforms as critique followed by Machiavellian strategies of government in power. Everyone believes, somehow, that even an extreme ethical nihilism in the American system would still be better than Stalinism! Small wonder change is blocked.
In fact, the whole idea of a ‘science of government’ has been confused and corrupt from the start, in many ways because the premodern legacy of Machiavelli is taken as a brilliant step toward a science of government (read, ditch your morals as you enter government work). Something went wrong at the start, or, in fact, the ‘science’ of government concept stalled and perverted the whole subject, as Kant understood, next to almost noone else.
Let us be clear that Machiavellian government could never have produced democratic revolution (despite the strong presence of the other Machiavelli the republican). So something is awry at the core.
Relative to the macro effect in WHEE governments always decline from the macro phase in the transitions given, here the modern: the idealism of the American Revolution (despite the rising strains of the ‘bourgeois’ revolution) starts downhill almost at once. In general relative to the macro effect in WHEE government always decay into empire in the wake of the transitions. There are no exceptions.
Homo sapiens is not capable of good government outside of the periods of ‘macro’ intervention and feedback control. He botches all the gifts of time and the macro effect.
Communists, pace marxism and Marx, need to consider this point: the Bolshevik revolution replicated the core of Tsarist tyranny and made the problem worse. Marx was very cynical of morality, one of his few blindspots, but a dilly, and the age of Nietzsche came so fast and rapidly corrupted a whole generation of political scientists (don’t believe me, read up on Leo Strauss).
Politicians are systematically trained now to be psychopaths and the eerie stupidity of American government on TV springs from the bewildered and guilty looks covered over of these mugs as they stand between two alternate universes.
Moral: political evolution stalled in the early modern although the tide of idealistic revolution partially succeeded, but after that the revolutionary left could effect no remedy, or even understanding.

Note: all the majors advances of human political civilization occur in the transitions of the macro sequence in WHEE and in all cases the middle periods show decline.

Thus we can conclude that all politicians in these intervals are corrupt, stupid, implicating decline and adding to the problem, no exceptions. That means all politicians current. All of them, even when they are doing something progressive. It is as systemic problem. I think however brief uphill periods do exist, viz. the era of FDR…
If you don’t believe me, study the macro effect in WHEE and the onset of empires in the relevant eras.
But the rapid onset of what is being called the American empire is simply par for the course: the immediate evidence… The swiftness of the american ‘turn’ has been unnerving.

\The whole point of revolution, in principle, is that this situation can be prevented and genuine revolutions can create better government, the great discovery of the early modern, and its tide of revolution.

Marxist/communist revolutionaries must study this situation to be wary of the average failure of ‘mideonic’ revolutions…

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