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The dangers of darwinian fanaticism

December 28th, 2014 · No Comments


It is critical for the left to move beyond darwinism and to adopt a world view with a larger mindset than narrow reductionist evolutionism. The world of the darwinists is filled with hardcore social darwinists (often in disguise) who will adopt a genocidal view of evolution as eliminationist eugenics. That calamity has already appeared once with the Holocaust and we are therefore warned to beware of these darwinian fanatics trying to manipulate the human genetic population with artificial selectionism. People deny this, but the reality is that assuming darwinian axioms it follows you can adopt artificial evolution. That humanity can’t evolve this way remains beyond the grasp of the hidden science groups that are awaiting their opportunity.

Last and First Men contains a warning that the process of evolution is far more complex than assumed by darwinists, and any artificial form of evolution will backfire by a failure to grasp the basic core of human psychology and its limits.

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