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Munzerian take-over of ‘new atheist’ fake religion

December 29th, 2014 · No Comments


It is hard to find the link but it is obvious that Harris has some powerful backers who want to create a ‘secular’ ‘religion’, one that is carefully controlled and which can be used with just enough ‘spirituality’ ‘stuff’ to make the fake a buy for confused persons of modernity. It is hard to grasp why anyone would buy a perspective as confused and impoverished as the new atheism…The promoters of capitalist markets are lusting for this kind of control taken away from ‘religion’.
I won’t indulge in conspiracies here, but it is obvious Harris gets a lot of free publicity where people like me get none.
It would be useful to think by comparison with the idea of a radical Munzerian neo-communist Xtianity developed here. The idea can be taken as an abstraction or a mental experiment. It could also be a platform for a type of civilization, postcapitalist, in an actual church/movement.

This idea could easily straddled the world of secular atheism and theist reformation-style theology. We have but to look at the way this has already come into existence in various forms, from Schelling to Tillich.

But noone can do anything given the high noise factor of neuroscience, darwinism, and the rest of the manufactured delusions.
We need something that is not part of the conditioning mindset of the technocrats, darwinism being a good example. Before we know it the Harris-style junk religions are going to become dominant in the way that darwinism is dominant. \
Best to start fighting back, effective immediately.
It would be very easy to redesigning Xtianity to create a communion of radical (revolutionary) theists/atheists. People are getting sick of ‘god’ questions, and they are almost on the verge of the same reaction to ‘no god’ beliefs. Noone can resolve these issues.

People who all themselves ‘secularists’ have been so miseducated by scientific ignoramuses that they are almost beyond salvage from idiocy.

A secular viewpoint is fine as a substitute for religion. But it must do justice to that term, to the reality of modernity in its complexity and diversity. The current crop of science idiots like Sam Harris are beyond rescue for something like this.

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