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Modern physics and the categories of space/time

December 31st, 2014 · No Comments

This is a short piece on the issues of QM physics and the time/eternity speculations of J.G. Bennett with his model of ‘time, eternity, hyparxis’. Despite the ‘new age’ flavor and the brave but vexed attempt to use the language of General Relativity theory (for a six=dimensional universe) this model is now a bit dated, but the core ideas remain: the concept of ‘eternity’ arises almost autonmatically by (metaphysical) reflection on pairs of opposites. And clearly modern physics is stumbling into the realm of things that transcend space-time. Our discussions of teleology begin to hint at something like this. And the whole psychology of Kant/Schopenhauer makes claims about the way the mind projects the framework of space-time. This has been left behind by standard science but now we have to wonder if something isn’t missing in modern physics.

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