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The complexity of Islam

January 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

http://mic.com/articles/107164/why-do-the-biggest-atheists-fear-muslims-and-love-war: Why Does This Group of Outspoken Atheists Fear Muslims and Love War?

It is very strange to see how the new atheists fumbled the ball on Islam: I myself in years gone by have passed through all the stages of for/against here, but there is something in the new atheists attacks on Islam that drives one to the defense.
Part of the problem is the difficulty of really observing the history of Islam and coming to an understanding of its basic categories. As an indirect attempt to move beyond some of the theological tenets of Xtianity it ended up with similar problems of its own. We forget that Islam attempted to be a superset of Judaism/Xtianity tolerant toward both, with results that were decidedly mixed.
Islam mysteriously generated one of the most profound, but perhaps now too often decadent, mystical schools, almost a subreligion, in a mode that strangely mirrored buddhism, but in a mode concealed behind the outer religion. It is thus almost treacherous to attempt to figure what one is seeing in Islamic cultural givens.
AT this point the question arises as to the future: moslems themselves must consider the way Xtianity went through a Reformation and then tended to adopt the core of ‘secularism’ as its foundation. The same process will not reoccur with Islam, save as a deliberate movement attempting to reform the whole from a subset movement. But there have been dozens of such movements, a small few with a ‘secular’ cast. The term ‘secular’ is being corrupted by the misuse of the humanist movements that wish to equate modernity with atheism, rigid scientism, and reductionism darwinism. It is small wonder this produces a toxic reaction in so many. Islam in fact should have been readily adaptable to the modern age. It disguises a medievalist attempt to bring the rationality of antiquity through a medieval chaos. The results there won’t satisfy the modernist camps, but the point is that there is a core to Islam that could adapt to modern rationality.

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