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Demarcation problem for history/evolution

January 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

The problem of science and a science of history can proceed through the demarcation debate, or skip it: the text of WHEE attacks the problem of a science with the basic issue of causality: a science of history must ask causal questions about historical streams. This task fails at once because we are dealing with something larger than a causal machine: we have free agents in a system that is not causal but shows ‘general determination’ of various kinds. We are dealing with something far more complex than standard science. And we impinge immediately on the issue of evolution: how can we propose a science of history without impinging on evolution? Where does evolution stop and evolution begin? WHEE has an elegant solution to this problem which suggests the solution is visible as a series of transitions in the ‘overlap’ of evolution and history which takes the form of a series of finite transitions. This deduction is one of the most powerful heuristic arguments for the model given. Note that we say ‘model’, not theory. We can propose the model as a theory, but more directly a model is a way to analyze a system in general without necessarily proposing a theory. The sheer scale of the evidence is beyond anything standard science is familiar with, save, ironically, the question of evolution, which scientists have muddled with the darwinian pretense for a theory.
The relationship of free agents to a system of transitions in general determination is highly mysterious, but we can at least study the contrast of the two modes: macro determination and the ‘micro’ aspect of free agents inside that larger sphere. Most people trained in dogmatic science, or confused by darwinism have a hard time with the ‘eonic model’ of WHEE, but I think it makes a start on a typical hypercomplex system. We don’t claim the results are science, but they make a start and leave behind the idiot approach to a science of history: some causal law purporting to explain everything, etc…

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