History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Redefining basics//original title: /last-and-first-ows-rebels-to-revolutionaries/

January 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

http://last-and-first-men.com/: Last and First Men was written directly in the wake of the OWS and tried to match the mood without the instant sterility of the movement, which shew that many many people could be activists but might not do truck with anything resembling the Stalinist legacy. The solution was simple, break marxist bad habits without abanding the core issues of marxism, and ditto for leninism. Communism, which must become neo-communism, is, in principle, coherent on its own terms, but surely needs something like ‘marxism’, soon ‘post-marxism’, to give the ‘ism’ some kind of coherence.
The flatlander ‘historical materialism’ is mostly irrelevant ideological baggage, almost designed to alienate half the population of those who can respond to revolutionary challenges. We don’t need to convert several billion moslems, xtians or buddhists to atheism, scientific reductionism and darwinism to proceed toward a postcapitalist society. Religion is a part of secularism and its destruction in the name of postcapitalism is an egregious requirement. The issue was the use of religion to promote social domination, but that was always religion in decline not religion as such. Authoritarian obedience to god begged the question of what metaphor of authoritarian politics was in effect. Since Jesus sounded a lot like a communist, an authoritarian obedience to communist principles is a rival for the task, one that a serious communist might forego, to be sure. A neo-communism free from nineteenth century positivism (and its Hegelian mystical rival) could start over with a revolutionary group less brain-damaged than the original graduates of the Second Internationale. A true dialectic would be a comprehensive counterpoint of multiple perspectives with a definition in progress of the meaning of ‘secularism’, which has been so constrained in the past that it has actually fueled religious reactions to modernity.

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