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Xtianity in search of a superset of theism/atheism

January 7th, 2015 · No Comments


Xtians have been so conditioned to the format of traditional theism with its ‘communicable person god’ that they have forgotten the original form stood beyond a personal god.
In fact the movement of the Xtian Church into a new future could outsmart the ‘new atheists’ on the spot by making god reference a thing of the past and adopting a view of ‘theology’ that was a superset of atheism and theism.
To see this, consider: if 99.9% of all statements by Xtians on ‘god’ are gibberish the religion would profit greatly by adopting a transient ‘atheism lookalike’ that denies, compassionately, the statements of childish theism that dominate the religion. The new atheists would fall down wimpering: no bone today…you will have to chew on the carpet…NOT. Note that this challenges our ability to even ‘think’ about god, another ancient theistic theme. At that point the atheist is not so far off.

I think that Xtianity reached this point a number of times in the past but is always swamped by the ‘pop theism’ that has taken over the Xtian airwaves.
The residual strength of Xtianity still outpaces the cults of scientism, viz. the new atheism…

Radical Xtians might thus

adopt an atheist lookalike to reserve the ‘naming of god’ to a gesture in silence…
Stand back from the biblical miracle cookie jar and consider the nature of ‘miracles’ and more importantly the larger ‘miracle’ in quotes of the historical backdrop to Xtianity/Judaism: the Axial Age. The irony is that a larger ‘spiritual’/evolutionary matrix historically embeds Xtianity: it is far more remarkable that a saga of miracles.
The new Protestant here has two millstones removed: ‘god gibberish’ and ‘epic storytelling’. The whole thing could be even more streamlined and could/should adopt a spiritual psychology that was flexibly influenced by science, but able to create its own psychology, of the creature ‘man’ with a will, a soul, a complex consciousness, a sense of ethics, etc…
These are the bottom line issues of real human, not merely religious, psychology, and at this point Xtians can begin to see that real secularism is not the same as scientism.

The emergence of man remains a mystery, but it is hard to define man as he is, while his evolution is a closed book. Darwinism fails here, period.

Meanwhile, the Munzerian music can begin in the background, as the gateway to Xtians’ ‘giving up all their possessions’ can proceed.

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